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The Psychedelic Coach Podcast

May 18, 2023

Today we are joined by Stephanie Wang, CEO of Ka! Empathegenics Get 10% off with our ambassador link!

The Condor Approach Workbook

Known to many as “the happiest plant on earth,” Kanna has been an essential ingredient of indigenous Khoisan medicinal, social and spiritual culture for millennia. Its discovery was revolutionary, unearthed by the earliest inhabitants known to mankind. These South African hunter-gatherers chewed on Kanna’s succulent roots to enhance mood, focus and energy while on multi-day hunts.

Kanna quickly became the community’s heartbeat, lifeforce and most valued trading asset. The Khoi Khoi and San peoples (collectively known as the Khoisan because of their similar languages) have stewarded its cultivation, shared its infinite wisdom and continue to revere Kanna for its stress reducing, vibe-elevating properties to this day.

Brought to you by thousands of years of indigenous wisdom.

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