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The Psychedelic Coach Podcast

May 8, 2023

Dr Erica Zelfand <-- coming soon!
Handles on insta, FB, twitter, and tiktok are all the same: @DrZelfand 
In this episode of The Psychedelic Coach Podcast, hosts Tah and Kole interview Dr. Erica Zelfand on various topics, including the importance of taking recovery days after private sessions, the need for fallow time, and the importance of pacing oneself for sustainable work. Dr. Zelfand also talks about her views on fair compensation for healers and the need to create a business model that can accommodate the needs of different types of clients. She also discusses her experiences with psilocybin and SSRIs and how she has found that it is possible to combine the two for psychedelic therapy. Dr. Zelfand emphasizes the need for customized approaches to meet the unique needs of each client and the importance of not stigmatizing the use of psychiatric medications in the field of psychedelics.